About Us

ROOH Ek muheem, a social and cultural society is working to provide a better life to underprivileged children. Ours is an organization, which helps the children who are socially and economically backward and are unable to afford education themselves. We sponsor their studies by collecting funds or arranging for a underwriter.

Its foundation was laid in the year 2011 by Mr. Abhishek Chauhan and team alumni of NIT Kurukshetra. Since then 54 students have been provided education in private school. Total expenditure so far is approximately 2,70,000 INR.

We promote local cooperation and also have a significant impact on the regional dissemination of ideas, values and knowledge.

India is home to 19% of the world’s children. What this means is that India has the world’s largest number of youngsters. The NOT-SO-GOOD news is that India also has 1/3rd of the world’s illiterate population. It’s not as though literacy levels have not increased, but rather that the rate of increase is rapidly slowing.

We are very much familiar with the fundamental right to education i.e. RTE which is THE RIGHT OF CHILDREN TO FREE AND COMPULSARY EDUCATION, enacted on 4 August, 2009 which describes the modalities of free education.

The RTE ACT doesn’t do enough justice to its name. It’s seems to be an unassailable fact that the RTE act appears, to be on paper at least, to be an ideal solution to the problems of education in India. However, it’s implementation too has been FAULTY.

To combat this worrisome trend, we the ROOH members, have realized the responsibility on our part to provide education being the responsible citizens of India. “The reality is that there is still a long way to go”

Beside education we are actively involved in other social services. We held Blood Donation Camp,Awareness Programs, Energy Conservation Drive and Many Educational Workshops. We also conduct various events and competitions during College's Cultural and Techinal Fests. Below is the glimpse of our Programmes.

Providing Free Education

We focus on the education of all those children who cannot afford it. We select them on the basis of their academic performance,behaviour,extra-curricular activities and family condition.Then we provide them admission in NIVEDITA PUBLIC SCHOOL. This school is situated at a distance of about 800m from NIT Campus. We pay their tution fees and transport fees.We also make books available to them.

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These are the students to whom we are currently funding-
S.No. Name Guardian Address Class Contact No. Fee(per month)
1 Priyanka Ganesh Shah Mess Colony, NIT 8 9729283605 700
2 Palak Girish Mess Colony, NIT 5 9729445972 550
3 Neha Ram Mess Colony, NIT 4 8685083541 520
4 Vikas Ram Mess Colony, NIT 4 N.A. 520
5 Prince Vinod Singh Mess Colony, NIT 10 9034312610 850
6 Dheeraj Megh Singh Mess Colony, NIT 9 9896636239 800
7 Ekta Hari Singh Mess Colony, NIT 11 9466650185 900
8 Tania Naresh Kumar H23 , University campus 6 9354171154 550
9 Shivani Gurpal Charnath Colony 11 9896625485 900
10 Neha Rawat Gaur Singh Mess Colony, NIT 11 9896468997 900
11 Himanshu Naib Singh Aalampur 5 N.A. 550
12 Suman Sudama Prasad Mess Colony, NIT 11 9991302711 900
13 Akash Prabhu Nath Charnath Colony 6 9992843061 600
14 Simran Harjinder Singh Charnath Colony 10 9991150785 800
15 Jasleen Harjinder Singh Charnath Colony 10 9991150785 800
16 Akshay Davender Mirzapur Colony 7 9991553100 700
17 Tania Davender Mirzapur Colony 5 9991553100 550
18 Ram Rohtash Dayalpur Colony 1 9992445530 500
19 Shyam Rohtash Dayalpur Colony 1 9992445530 500
20 Paras Anil Kumar Dayalpur 7 9050644590 700
21 Sapna Sikander Mess Colony, NIT 5 9896398489 550
22 Neha Sikander Mess Colony, NIT - 9896398489 520
23 Poornima Jagan Dayalpur Colony 7 9996972828 700
24 Durga Meghanath Chanarthal Colony 1 9354169969 500
25 Ganesh Meghanath Chanarthal Colony 1 9354169969 500
26 Shobhit Om Prakash College Colony 3 9991168640 500
27 Kamini Ram Kamal Indira Colony 7 9896189358 700
28 Rahul Angraj Singh Aalampur 5 N.A. 550
29 Mehak Dharamveer Dayalpur Colony UKG 8814872351 450
30 Sapna Om Prakash Chanarthal Colony 11 9729675352 900
31 Navdeep Harjinder Chanarthal Colony 3 N.A. 500
32 Abhishek Manoj Kumar Mess Colony, NIT LKG N.A. 400
33 Mushkan Satinder College Colony LKG 9996365419 450
34 Pankaj Vinod Mess Colony, NIT 12 9034312610 1100
35 Santosh Sobit Singh Mess Colony, NIT 6 8295873940 600
36 Rahul Madan Singh Mess Colony, NIT 8 9729014056 700
37 Payal Girish Mess Colony, NIT Nursery 8950046261 400
38 Kunal Jaggannath Dayalpur Colony 4 N.A. 520
39 Sushma Ranjan Singh Mess Colony, NIT LKG N.A. 400
40 Karan Ram Bahadur Mess Colony, NIT 7 N.A. 700

Blood Donation Camp

Every year India requires about 4 crore units of blood out of which only 40 lakhs units of blood are available. The gift of blood is the Gift of Life. Blood cannot be manufactured &there is no substitute for human blood. Rooh organizes Blood Donation camp twice a year.

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Blood donation camp Blood donation camp Blood donation camp


ROOH has always aspired on its part to do whatever it could for the betterment of the underprivileged and thus, in our ‘goal : Educate India’, we ourselves teach those in need. We are all well aware that education is a must these days. Therefore, we have always been taking classes after the college and on Saturdays.

Social Awareness

One cannot expect participation until the common man is socially aware. Thus, ROOH has been successfully organising campaigns, awareness drives to enlighten everyone about the usefulness of education in one’s life and side-by-side saving lives of numerous others.

Energy Conservation Drive

Energy resources are limited - India has approximately 1% of world’s energy resources but it has 16% of world population. Non renewable energy sources constitute 80% of the fuel use. It is said that our energy resources may last only for another 40 years or so.

ROOH is determined to bring change by inculcating a seed of awareness among people to save energy.